Having modern and functional, yet warm and cosy interior in mind, we offer you our new type of wall panels made of technical cork, expanded cork and various finishing materials, such as felt or smart upholstery fabrics.
Our panels combine several functions - decorative, functional, practical. Aside from these basic functions, our panels are also soundproof and insulate any room. They can also be used as a cork or felt pinboard, by means of which you can communicate with other household members.

In our offer we have hexagonal tiles with cork, felt and fabric finish, as well as cork and felt puzzles. At your request we can also produce forms of different shape and size.

Felt and fabric tiles and puzzles come in various colours, however cork tiles can be either dark or natural - light.
As a standard, we provide you with double-sided forms with adhesive to mount the products, which you can rearrange several times to change the pattern of the tiles on the wall. Another mounting method is to bond it to the wall by means of cork contact adhesive. It is recommended to use cork adhesive to fix the puzzles.
Our products can be used both in living rooms, bedrooms, nurseries, as well as in offices, kitchens
and corridors.