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WAKOL Glue 2,5kg


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To mount both cork wall tiles and cork flooring we recommend a highly efficient and eco-friendly Wakol D3540 adhesive (in 0.8kg packagings). It is an exceptionally low-emission, non-solvent latex and acrylic dispersion, intended for bonding cork linings to absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces, as well as floors. It is very easy to apply, has very high initial adhesion; can be used on floor heating systems and under furniture with wheels. The floor can be used right after mounting.

The adhesive should be applied on both surfaces, that is on the cork lining and its base, by means of short bristle velour roller, and should be left for a sufficient time to allow water to evaporate (adhesive will become transparent) - at least 30 minutes. It should not be used if the temperature in the room drops below 15°C.

Consumption of adhesive: about 250 g/m2, but usually it is less. See product card for details.

Glue is sufficient for 12 m2.